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As we see it, there are 3 main reasons to get excited about Docker:

  1. Docker separates applications from infrastructure. This means that the number of servers you have and the number of apps you have are no longer strictly correlated. You can have many small apps on one server. This is especially valuable when building (with purpose) microservices, each with it’s own set of narrow goals, built into an overall larger solution.
  2. Docker makes it easier to build and deploy apps. You can have docker set up to push things into your own local machine with one command, or to push to an AWS dev environment with one command, or to push to a production environment with one command. And there are just a few configuration differences between the three environments, not fundamental code compilation and structure differences.
  3. Docker makes developer on-boarding easier. No longer will you say, “go check the readme to get a development environment setup. It might be a little out of date, check back with me if something seems broken”.  With Docker, your conversation is more constructive: “go grab the repo from github and do “docker-compose up. That should get you going”.

4 Ways to Learn

Docker Podcast

Our Podcast

A weekly conversation about all things Docker.

Docker Blog

Our Blog

Well researched articles that cover a wide variety of Docker topics.

Docker Resources

Our Resources

A library of eBooks and checklists for those who prefer to learn offline.

Docker Video Training

Our Training

In-depth training designed for CTO’s, Product Managers & the like.

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