The learn on-the-go software development podcast that goes deep.

There’s so much tech info out there that trying to stay on top of it at all can drive you to the brink. It’s a journey not unlike Captain Ahab’s search for the elusive white whale. Our mission is to help you figure it out. We focus on the concepts and techniques of the best cloud native software teams, and bring them to you in easy to understand episodes each week via our podcast, Mobycast.

When you’re doing your day job, there’s so little time to explore what’s new and what’s coming. You might be spending 40 or more hours a week working on stuff that is only relevant to the specific problems within a specific area of focus in your specific industry or company. But you are interested in the wider world of software and technology. Listening to Mobycast once a week will keep you informed of how the world of cloud software is changing, help you make decisions for your team, and shake off any cobwebs that might form around some tech fundamentals.

Mobycast will level up your thinking on cloud native software development and prepare you for what’s next.

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Mobycast is over but Jon and Chris are still working together! Our love of podcasting inspired us to start a podcast hosting company called Timber.

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A weekly conversation about cloud native development, AWS, and building distributed systems

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