106. Replay of Ep 41 – The Birth of NoSQL and DynamoDb – Part 3


Welcome to Mobycast! This is the third episode that we’re re-releasing from back when we told Chris’s personal story of starting Viathan, which was a software startup built to create one of the first internet scale databases. In this episode we start to dive into the technical details of how AWS’s Dynamo DB works. If you’re just joining us at Mobycast, this will be your first taste of getting technical with us as we ease you into our library of curated, important cloud-native development topics.

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Jon Christensen and Chris Hickman of Kelsus and Rich Staats of Secret Stache continue their discussion on the birth of NoSQL and DynamoDB. They examine DynamoDB’s architecture and popularity as a solution for Internet-scale databases. 

Some of the highlights of the show include:

    • Challenges, evolution, and reasons associated with Internet-scale data
    • DynamoDB has been around a long time, but people are finally using it
    • DynamoDB and MongoDB are document or key value stores that offer scalability and event-driven programming to reduce complexity
    • Techniques for keeping NoSQL database’s replicated data in sync
    • Importance of indexes to understand query patterns
    • DynamoDB’s Table Concept: Collection of documents/key value items; must have partition key to uniquely identify items in table and determine data distribution
    • Sort keys create indexes (i.e. global/local secondary index) to support items within partitioning 
    • Query a DynamoDB database based on what’s being stored and using keys; conduct analysis on queries to determine their effectiveness

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“Kind of what drove this evolution from SQL to NoSQL – realizing that the constraints were now different, the economics of the resources that were being used.” Chris Hickman

“People are realizing that Dynamo is not an ugly stepchild.” Jon Christensen

“Event-driven programming…it’s very popular, and it’s going to become even more popular.” Chris Hickman

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