110. Hands On AWS – Massively Scalable Image Hosting Using S3 and CloudFront – Part 2


In episode #109 of Mobycast, we started our discussion on how to build a massively scalable image hosting service. We talked about the general architecture and then dove deep on how to handle image uploads.

But uploading is only half the solution. We also need to allow downloads of the images. Turns out, downloading is a totally different game.

In this episode of Mobycast, Jon and Chris finish their two-part series on building an image hosting solution. We discuss in detail how to enable downloads of files with the help of CloudFront, a global network of edge locations that makes it easy to achieve massive scale.

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In this episode, we cover the following topics:

  • We discuss the features and limitations of serving files directly from S3.
  • We then talk about how CloudFront can address many of S3’s limitations. In particular, CloudFront is performant, inexpensive and allows us to use custom CNAMEs with TLS encryption.
  • How to create a secure CloudFront distribution for files hosted in S3.
  • What is OAI (Origin Access Identity), why we need it and how to set it up.
  • We show how you can configure your CloudFront distribution to use TLS and redirect HTTP to HTTPS.
  • We finish up by discussing “byte-range requests” and how to enable them for our image hosting solution.


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