99. Database Soup – Explaining ACID, BASE, CAP – Part 1

In this episode, we cover the following topics:

  • In this new series, we are discussing database consistency models explained in three acts. This episode is “Act I: Transaction processing (circa 1973)”.
  • We start with the motivation behind talking about database soup – why are ACID, CAP, and BASE important to understand?
  • We define transaction processing and its origins. What exactly is a “transaction”?
  • Transactions are governed by ACID semantics. We define and explain the four characteristics of the ACID acronym::
    • Atomicity
    • Consistency
    • Isolation
    • Durability
  • The computer scientist, Jim Gray, came up with the idea of ACID semantics in the late 1970’s. We discuss some of the history behind this, along with a bizarre and tragic ending to his story.
  • We also share a personal story about another important player in transaction processing, Phil Bernstein.

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